Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you do advertisements/sponsorships?

Yes. You can contact me through 2 ways.

1. Through Sion's email :
2. By submitting a ticket in our main server

2. Who is sion?

Hi, I am Sion, also known as skittlechan or skittle-chan. You can call me by Sion cause that's my main username. I am the owner behind all of this. I make videos and own the skittle-chan channel as well as other YouTube channels. I am the founder of a few Discord servers like skittle-chan cafe, skittlechan cafe, Sion Republic, and Darbucks. I also have a few talents up my sleeves!

3. Who is the founder of skittle-chan

The concept of the Discord videos and the character "skittle-chan" was derived from a YouTuber, Beluga. Under parody laws, Sion used the name and made a custom profile picture to make similar parody videos. We are not affiliated to Beluga.